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Workbox is pleased to announce the launch of, the pharmacy location website for Qsymia (produced by Vivus, Inc., ticker VVUS). Qsymia is one of the few weight-loss drugs approved by the US FDA in recent years.

The mini-findqsymiacom-mobile01bsite includes these features:

1.       Mobile-optimized version

2.       Google Geolocation API integration

3.       Secure, scheduled data import from pharmacy database managed by McKesson

4.       Dynamic PDF “leave-behind” feature for local sales representatives

5.       Simple version of pharmacy locator integrated in to Vivus’ Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) website for Qsymia

6.       Basic integration of zip code form from (designed and built by Cadient)

Gloria DeAlba, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing at Vivus, had these kind words to say about us:

“It was a pleasure working with the Workbox team on this mission-critical project. We love the results and look forward to doing more with them!”

Thank you, Eric Weidner


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  1. Great article, this will be of great help to people who need it.

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